Max Fehmerling

       My name  is  Max  Fehmerling.  I am a  German  back-end  developer  and 
       currently  work  at Callosum Software in Berlin.  I am the  founder  of
       Tellonym, a platform on which you can receive anonymous feedback.  I am
       currently 21 years old and live in Berlin Spandau, Germany.

       I  am  mainly active in Javascript (NodeJS), MySQL, PostgreSQL  and  on
       Linux,  but  I  have also  worked with  HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Java, C,  C#,
       Python, Ruby, Perl and dotNET (on Windows and with Mono on Linux).

   Work & Projects
       At work I manage servers on AWS, which all run Linux, but I also worked
       with  Windows Servers.  At Tellonym I am responsible  for servers  that
       process  data from nearly 10 million registered users and more than  65
       million  page views per month.  The servers currently use the following 
       technologies:  NodeJS, MySQL,  Redis, AWS S3,  AWS Lamda, Cassandra and
       more from AWS' brilliant features.


       Twitter (in German), Gitlab, Github, Tellonym, Callosum Software

       If you have any questions  about me or my work,  please do not hesitate
       to contact me via email (private or business) or Twitter.

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